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The Science behind WOW Factor


In the process of creating website content I found myself speaking to the world of physicians and harvested a vast number of links on every malady I looked at as it relates to the ingredients in WOW Factor. I had to step away for a few days to consider how I might best direct you to information that will allow you to draw a conclusion OUTSIDE of my teachings here.

I have seen lots of testimonials on these individual ingredients on recently and was impressed to see eve prominent doctors and alternative practitioners leaving comments on I think it is a common sense way for you to further educate yourself on research. Due to FDA Regulations, I am not allowed to put them here.

WOW Factor is a patented formulation of very few, but very smart ingredients. No toxicity, no side effects, no need to ever increase dosage and a term for completion of treatment for most. It had to be this way, I created it for me and my family. There is a rare possibility of a headache because there is a brain and body gentle detoxing capability of one of the aminos in the blend and it a perfect balanced effect when understanding that we are regenerating at the very same time.

Primarily an amino acid blend that are precursors to Dopamine, Norepinephrine and to a lesser degree Serotonin and GABA. This is a perfect load because it mimics the way these important neurotransmitters are delivered in the course of a nutritionally appropriate diet and how they are processed in the course of the digestive chain.

Please understand that Dopamine, Norepinephrine, Serotonin and GABA are called neurotransmitters, neurohormones, neurochemicals and biochemicals. The reason we see them fall into so many categories is because they are profoundly important to health – they manage the Sympathetic Nervous System. And although science has long known that the Sympathetic Nervous System is the biochemical center of health little to no effort has been made to study it in the way that I have.

The human body is comprised of water and amino acids. We must get them from food or supplements and some of them are made within us. Science to this point has overlooked the reality that those that WE make are also fueled to a degree by those we must get from food. In addition the synergy of these 22 amino acids is vital to best functioning and unfortunately our RDA requirements have been conjured from what I call the lazy worker perspective – meaning what is the least amount of each we can survive on rather than thrive on. Something anyone who has ever played with a nutritionally sound diet has come to experience.

The argument that the body is electric falls grossly short on common sense alone, because all things that are “electric” require a source of fuel. Amino acids are the fuel that creates the fire, passion, drive and sustainability within us. Amino acids are the core of all life on earth as proven by science. They are the core of what we are, and they create all that is US. Science has returned the sight to a mouse with them 12 years ago. The United States Army wrote 175 Volumes on them entitled “The effects of Nutrition on the United States Soldier”. They hold the promise within my research and work as well as that of many others to be the key to real healing and a form a medicine that is divine.

I encourage you to verify my work and statements, all can be validated by some simple research and by accessing info at any of the prestigious scientific organizations noted at the bottom of this page. To Research Links


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